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The ZOOM Foundation wants to inspire new ways of living and interacting with our planet: the philosophy in which we create is to make people understand how the environment around us is interconnected with every form of life.




Minimize the impact our operations have on terrestrial and aquatic environments through   the prevention of human-wildlife conflicts, promoting research, the development of human-territory synergies, the promotion of economic-sustainable activities, the conservation of wildlife and habitats for a good management of natural resources.

Promote scientific research, both in the zoological and environmental fields, with a focus on biodiversity and ecological monitoring, on animal health and well-being, on sustainable development, on the protection and improvement of environmental conditions and therefore of people.

The Foundation intends to create dynamic and productive collaborations between different entities, from stakeholders to national/international organizations up to local communities, always putting research at the center and working to ensure that it improves the connection between community and nature, both of social and environmental support and utility. and lead to concrete actions.

The objectives are:


  • Environmental protection

  • Conservation of biodiversity

  • Training and education, to make the conservation effort understood and the seed of environmental culture germinate



Conservation must be part of a larger circuit, where the different skills in the different sectors can now work synergistically, creating efficiency in the protection of nature and terrestrial and aquatic environments, creating a link between the different global actions and researches carried out in the different ecosystems. The strategy involves creating a network for sharing scientific data, creating a widespread and standardized scientific culture and awareness for the achievement of objectives, promoting projects, programs with the involvement of partners with specialized skills to support the initiatives to be implemented, for the final definition of shared proposals for European, national and regional policies.

Environmental requalification and promotion of sustainability

We wish to inspire new ways of living and interacting with nature, so that every action is sustainable and supportive: stimulating social change for the conservation of ecosystems.

We believe in the active participation of people for the conservation and redevelopment of ecosystems in order to develop awareness and method in designing and implementing sustainable development interventions at a local level.

We want to enhance the qualities of human resources and skills as the first step towards inclusive and therefore effective growth.

Protection of biodiversity and conservation of threatened species

The ZOOM Foundation supports the activity of the ZOOM Biopark in the conservation of endangered species and environmental protection through research projects, monitoring and support for in-situ projects, i.e. in the places of origin of the species, involving and working with the populations locals.

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