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Bee Friends is the new project of the Zoom Foundation which, with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, aims to protect pollinating insects, making a significant impact on the territory and involving local communities.

The Pollinator Garden will be inaugurated in Spring near the ZOOM biopark.
The plants and flowers chosen will create the perfect habitat for insects, which here will find a safe and protected place to reproduce and thrive throughout their life cycle.

From flower to flower,
biodiversity takes flight



Protecting biodiversity is fundamental and pollinators are the key to maintaining its balance: did you know that the proliferation of 90% of wild flowers and 75% of the fruit and vegetables we eat every day depends on the activity of over 40,000 existing species of pollinating insects (20,000 apoidea, 14,000 butterflies, 6,000 hoverflies)?

Unfortunately, however, around 20% of pollinating insects worldwide are at risk of extinction due to climate change, habitat loss, pesticides and pollution.

The planet needs our help to ensure a safe and prosperous environment to live in!



The Zoom Foundation, together with the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, is committed to creating a garden dedicated to precious pollinators: the Pollinator Garden.


Carefully selected plants and flowers will populate and color a perfect habitat to help them throughout their life cycle:the insects will be able to find protected places where they can reproduce and the larvae will have enough food to grow until they are ready to fly from flower to flower.

The public area of the Pollinator Garden, measuring over 13,000 m2, will be built near the ZOOM Torino biopark, will be freely accessible to citizens and will actively involve schools, neighboring municipalities and local recreational-sports associations through educational activities and dedicated initiatives, with the The aim is to disseminate the project's themes and involve citizens and the local community through themed challenges.

Continue to follow us to stay updated on the next developments of the project: Individually we can do a lot, but together we can make a difference!


Donations are always open. You can donate through transfer, by donating your 5xmille, during the purchase process of a biopark ticket or by purchasing one of the products dedicated to the Foundation that can be found in the ZOOM shop

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